DVD Players: Do They Still Have A Place
In Your Home?

By James

Yes! DVD players are not as popular as streaming services, such as Netflix, but they have a place in every home. They offer quite a few key benefits that you simply don’t get with streaming services. The fact that DVDs are only removed from your personal library when you want them to be, are available regardless of your internet connection, and are more affordable guarantee that they will never become obsolete.

DVDs Always Work, Even When The Internet Doesn’t

You don’t need a stable internet connection to enjoy your favorite movies. This is one of the biggest advantages of owning a DVD player. When my internet provider was completing maintenance, and we found ourselves without the internet for a day, the kids had a few of their favorite movies to watch. People that live in rural areas where internet service is unreliable, if it’s available, can also enjoy their favorite movies whenever they want without having to wait on the movie to buffer repeatedly.

Your Favorite Movie Is Always Available

Streaming services consistently take old movies out and replace them with new movies. This guarantees that viewers always have something new to watch. While it can be nice to watch those new movies, it can be disappointing to log in to watch one of your new favorites to discover that it’s gone. When you own the DVD, you can always watch your favorite movie!

Access Newer Movies Sooner

Most new movies hit certain methods of viewing in a specific order. First, they are released in theaters. Next, they will be released via DVD and Blu-Ray. Then, you’ll start to see them
showing up on streaming services. If you’re a movie buff, you’ll enjoy getting access to the hottest new movies before your friends that stick with Hulu and Netflix.

The Video Quality Is Amazing On DVD

In order for streaming services to show things in high definition, etc. to increase the quality, they would have to raise their prices. All televisions might not be able to show these either, which could hurt the number of subscribers they have. This is why most streaming services show movies and television shows in the lowest form, which is standard definition.
DVD’s on the other hand, give you the chance to enjoy crystal clear images while you watch your favorite movies. Once you watch one movie on Netflix and then see the same movie on DVD, you’ll understand the difference between the two.


More budget friendly than other options. Streaming services will require a monthly subscription fee. To use them for a long car ride, it requires using data or paying for the car to have Wi-Fi.
When using a portable DVD player, you only have to pay for the initial cost of an affordable portable DVD player and the DVDs. At home, the cost is even less as a DVD player for the home is more affordable than a portable one.
DVD players have been around for years, and they remain a popular choice. They offer key
benefits that streaming services cannot compare with. Once you pick up a new DVD player for the house or a portable DVD player for the car, you’ll realize all the benefits you have been missing out on!

"Buying these DVD screens made our vacation ride a lot more enjoyable. We also got headphones so our kids could listen to the movies and we could listen to the radio. It was money well spent. This was our first trip using them and we will be using them on all our long rides."


Portable DVD Players
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