Portable DVD Players For Kids: Key Benefits
You’re Overlooking

By James

Parents hear a lot about limiting screen time for their kids. It’s said that too much screen time contributes to childhood obesity, which then increases the risk factor of diabetes and other medical conditions.

Yet, everything is great in moderation! Granted, sitting your little ones in front of a portable DVD player daily will be bad for them. However, there are key benefits to picking up portable DVD players for kids that you might not have realized.

Television Can Encourage Learning About
 New Places And Things

When children see a movie that takes place in Africa, they learn that Africa is another continent. They learn about animal species that they might not be exposed to in real life. Children can see the planets! Media offers the opportunity for kids to learn about anything that they can imagine, and so much more!

Inspires Children To Try New Things

When a child is watching a movie on their portable DVD player, and they see another child doing something new, they will naturally want to try it! This could be anything from participating in sports or playing an instrument to wanting to learn about science experiments. When you pick up child-friendly DVD’s for your kid’s portable DVD player, you give them the inspiration that they need to learn what they love.

Relaxing At The End Of The Day

While too much television can result in a child using television as an unhealthy coping
mechanism, enjoying television after a long day can be relaxing. It might be exactly what your little one needs to decompress, relieve some stress, and calm down at the end of the day. This is why many kids enjoy a cartoon or movie after school with their after school snack.

Exposure To Different Cultures

When children learn about different cultures, it provides the opportunity for parents to encourage empathy. Exposing children to new cultures and people can help combat racism later on down the road. Little ones need to be exposed to different backgrounds, skin colors, and even various cultures. This includes everything from watching families eat different foods or having traditions that are not the same as their own to learn about new types of dances that take place across the world. A portable DVD player for kids is a perfect opportunity to do just that.

Educational Programs Enhance School Performance

Whereas too much television is proven to be linked to poor school performance, the right amount of television and educational programs can increase a child’s school readiness. Children learn to count through pre-school television shows and movies. They can also learn ABC’s and letter recognition. Improvement is also seen in reading skills! However, there are little to no improvements seen in math skills, so parents do need to keep that in mind. It’s still important to limit how much time your little one spends in front of their portable DVD player. Television can get a bad rep because of the negative impacts it has on children, but this often leads to parents forgetting about the benefits that screen time can provide. Pick up some educational DVDs for children, a portable DVD player, and let them enjoy some screen time in moderation.

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