Blu Ray Players Vs DVD Players

Blu-Ray Players have been in market for almost 10 years now. It came as a superior alternate of the common DVD players. DVD players ruled the video playback industry for long before Blu ray made an entry. The DVD industry did not take it very well and tried to compete with Blu Ray technology for quite long.

Format War

As a direct competent to the Blu Ray the DVD industry came up with a new technology called as HD DVD. The years long conflict between Blu Ray and HD DVD is named as Format War. The format war finally ended up in a clear victory for Blu Ray and since then Blu Ray industry is flourishing. New improvements are made to the Blu Ray players and today, we have some of the best and professional quality Blu Ray players available in the market.

Major differences between the Blu Ray & DVD/HD DVD

One of the major advancements in the Blu Ray players was the Storage Capacity. The Blu Ray players were meant for high quality video required a high storage capacity. The Blu Ray discs were hence made with a high storage capacity of around 50GB for a dual sided disc which could store a video of around 23 hours in normal quality while 8.5 hours in HD. DVD on the other hand could hold a data of 8GB on the same dual sided Read More

disc, which translates to around 3-5 hours of video. After the HD DVD was launched, the new discs could hold a data of 30GB, it was a major improvement for DVD however, still fell short of the Blu Ray capacity. In the early years, the Blu Ray was far superior to the DVD in terms of video resolution. A typical DVD had a maximum support of 480p video, while the Blu Ray came with high definition video of 720p and 1080p. This led a major chunk of people to shift towards Blu Ray. This became the major factor which forced the DVD industry to start a Format war, and hence HD DVD was announced in competition to the Blu Ray. Read More The new HD DVD could support the 1080 High definition video as well and hence it became a tough competitor. The conventional DVD players lacked any support for the streaming apps, while Blu Players came with support for all the major streaming apps. Today the Blu Ray players come with support for Netflix, Vudu and other such apps which are widely used in homes.The earlier version of DVD players had no support of connectivity, while in comparison to the Blu Ray players soon caught up with the trends and added connectivity options including Ethernet and Wi-Fi. The addition of Wi-Fi allowed the Blu Ray players to connect with the Home Systems. The integration of Blu Ray players with the Home Systems was widely welcomed by people. Although Blu Ray players were a great success and took market by a storm but a serious disadvantage was its high price. Blu Ray Players were altogether a new technology and for obvious reasons its initial price was high which kept a A lot of people from buying one, while DVD players were inexpensive and thus easily affordable. Similarly there was a major difference in the pricing of their discs as well. DVD had been in the market long before the Blu Ray, by the time Blu Ray entered the market, there were thousands of Titles available for DVD players in comparison to the Blu Ray which was new. However, after the Blu Ray emerged as victorious in Format war, more media companies started introducing their titles for Blu Ray Players. An interesting feature of the Blu Ray player in this competition was the ability of Blu Ray players to support the DVD discs as well. This allowed people to get a Blu Ray player which will not only play the Blu Ray discs but also the DVD discs; hence they could easily hit two birds with one stone. For Blu Ray players it became a win-win situation.

As time went on, Blu Ray players became cheaper, the price of discs came down and new titles were introduced in the Blu Ray hence Blu Ray started surpassing the DVD players. Today, the demand of DVD players has shrunk while people are going for Blu Ray players because of the rich features included and its high quality video.

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