Things You Can Do with a Portable DVD Player

By James

The most obvious thing to do with a portable DVD player is to play DVDs on the go, of course!
However, there are plenty of other things these magic machines can do for you nowadays. If you are on the fence about purchasing a portable DVD player, take in to account all the additional things you can do if you were to buy one. With the added benefits these players provide, you will be able to save money by getting a multimedia device that can make your life simpler and easier. Hopefully, all the additional things you can do with a portable DVD player will tip the scales and encourage you to go out and get one!

Replace Your Home DVD Player

This is my favorite thing my portable DVD player has done. As TVs get slimmer and more
lightweight they are much easier to mount on walls. This looks great, reduces clutter in your living room and eliminates the need for bulky entertainment centers. The problem is if you still have a cable box or a normal DVD player you have to find somewhere near the TV to put them.
This is where a portable DVD player comes in handy. Most come with AV cords to hook it
directly up to your TV. If you want to spend a little more your options grow even further. You can get a player with an HDMI input to hook it up and play in HD. You can also get a portable player that will play Blu Ray DVDs. Don’t want any wires at all, even temporarily? Find a portable DVD unit with Bluetooth capabilities.

Replace Your Stereo

Do you still have your giant tower of music CDs? If so, don’t throw them out, play them again on your portable DVD player! Find a player with really good speakers or hook them up to a nice portable speaker and play CDs outside or in any room of your house.
It is not just CDs you can play either. Most portable DVD players have an SD card and USB stick inputs so you can easily put together an MP3 playlist and play them through the unit as well. If you do have a player with great speakers, hook your iPod or smartphone up to it as well.

Show Your Pictures in Style

If you take a lot of pictures and like to show them off to friends and family, a portable DVD
player is a must for you. Showing pictures of a new baby or your latest vacation on your phone can be a little annoying. Other people scrolling through your phone and looking at small pictures is not the best way to go about it.
Once again, you can put your pictures or slideshows on an SD card or USB stick and play them right on a portable DVD player that supports JPEG files. This is a much better way to show off your photos to friends, family or even a big group of people. You can easily bring the player to a party and everyone will get to see the snaps you have taken.

In Conclusion

Do not just think of your portable DVD player as a way to play movies while you are in a car or on a plane. These are very versatile machines that can do the work of 3 or 4 other devices as well. Don’t waste money or valuable real estate in your house with old, clunky devices when a new portable DVD player can replace them. They are true multimedia machines that will help you live your best life.

"Buying these DVD screens made our vacation ride a lot more enjoyable. We also got headphones so our kids could listen to the movies and we could listen to the radio. It was money well spent. This was our first trip using them and we will be using them on all our long rides."


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