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Long gone are the days of being careful with our CD players when we were walking to a friend’s house because the coolest feature was the anti-skip button. Today’s portable CD players offer a lot more than anti-skip technology and the occasional bass boost feature.


Take your portable CD player with Bluetooth capabilities to the beach, because it’s also a Bluetooth speaker! Enjoy giving the kids their own music to listen to in the car with portable CD players for kids (and you never have to hear the Baby Shark song again!) Portable CD players have definitely taken things to the next level since they first became popular years ago.


Not only are portable CD players cooler than ever before, so are the accessories that come with them! Turn your CD player into a bookshelf stereo system with additional speakers that plug into the aux jack. Listen to your favorite songs via an SD card when you are tired of the same CD. The headphones are packed with bass and noise-canceling technology so that it’s just you and your music!

CD Players And CD’s Are Not Becoming Obsolete

There is a common fear among CD lovers, and those with a collection that ranges into the thousands, that CD players are soon going to be no more. While the limited selection at Walmart might give a person this impression, it doesn’t mean that it’s true!


There are so many products on the market that it’s impossible to cram them all in a department store. Every year thousands of cool CD players are designed and manufactured. For a larger selection, check out online retailers, like Amazon. You’ll quickly find that there are more than enough CD players to go around and it’s extremely likely that there will be for many years to come.  In fact I wouldn’t even be surprised if the manufacturers continue to invent and offer new features!

Cool Portable CD Player Features

If you’re in the market for a new CD player, get ready to be thrown into the world of technology. Popular brand names like Sony are not sparing a lot of expenses when it comes to designing new portable CD players. In fact, they have taken the time to upgrade their collections of products to make them more appealing to customers than ever before.

Bluetooth Capabilities

A portable CD player with Bluetooth capabilities can easily pair with Bluetooth speakers or headphones. This instantly eliminates the hassle of dealing with an aux cord getting in the way. Or the appearance of one going from your hoodie pocket to your ears. Some portable CD players with Bluetooth can also connect to the radio in your car!


Say goodbye to always needing a spare set of AA batteries! Modern portable CD players now come with a USB cord and charger. Charge them just like you would your phone! Then, enjoy hours of playtime. This portable CD player can last up to three hours!


You don’t have to stay away from water when you find one that is waterproof! Listen to your favorite songs while going white water rafting. Enjoy a jog as the waves splash against the shore without worrying about ruining your new cd player if it falls out of your pocket.

Resume Feature

A resume feature will guarantee that you don’t lose your place while listening to audiobooks! Instead, you can pick up exactly where you left off the next time you’re ready to enjoy some quiet time. Never worry about a bookmark falling out of the pages again!

Who Are Portable CD Players For?

If you’re trying to find the perfect gift, you might wonder if your loved one will really appreciate one of these. They might not be for everyone but portable CD players are definitely for:


  • People that enjoy listening to music through headphones
  • Active individuals
  • Anyone that still owns CD’s
  • People that enjoy listening to MP3’s
  • Children
  • Teens
  • People that are known for hitting up the gym

There is nothing that can boost your motivation while you’re lifting weights like some heavy metal. There’s nothing quite like music to help a child with ADHD get in a zone so that they can focus on their homework. Simply give them one of these and watch their eyes light up!


Portable CD players are more in style than ever before. They are affordable. They’re a great gift. More than anything, they’re so versatile it’s hard not to see the benefits of having one!

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My husband spent a hour "installing" come to find out he sat in the car watching a Disney move. Absolute great video and sound quality. Kids are so happy!
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We bought this to go on vacation with and it exceeded my expectations in all things, it was easy to set up, great picture, good sound and I like the way it sits behind the bucket seats in our Jeep. It also has individual jacks for headphones which was nice s for the kids to be able to watch and hear the movie while my wife and I enjoyed the car stereo.
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Buying these DVD screens made our vacation ride a lot more enjoyable. We also got headphones so our kids could listen to the movies and we could listen to the radio. It was money well spent. This was our first trip using them and we will be using them on all our long rides.


DVD players as a whole may appear to be outdated, and the concept of a portable one even more so, what with smartphones, tablets and laptops dominating the tech world at the moment. As a whole, the technology industry seems to have moved past DVDs, favouring digital downloads and streaming, however here in the real world, a very strong case can be made for DVDs and portable players. The biggest films are still released on DVD to much fanfare, and the speed film going from cinema to DVD is shorter than it ever has been. Despite tech companies like Apple moving away from physical media, removing DVD/CD drives on their computers, and the rise of streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon, television and film companies still believe in DVDs.


DVDs as a whole actually provide many benefits over streaming/downloading platforms, and smartphone apps and games, we just need to push past the thought of new, shiny devices that take over the news every time they launch. This brings us onto DVD players, or more specifically, portable DVD players. They can actually be much less hassle, cheaper and more convenient that a lot of these new devices that attract our attention. Take the HD JUNTUNKOR 12.5 inch for instance. It’s durable, cheap and incredibly convenient to carry, whilst not losing any of the quality we expect from technology these days. It also brings an incredible amount of benefits; some that many wouldn’t even have thought about.


How often have we seen the news of children racking up massive bills on their parent’s credit cards from purchasing add-ons for iOS and Android games? These games coerce kids into purchasing ‘e-currency’ to get better stuff, meaning a free to play game can actually end up costing far more than anyone could imagine. Tech companies and app developers can warn parents, and ask for permission as much as they want, but it’s not always guaranteed that the protections they’ve put in place will actually save parents money. Then there’s the cost of the devices themselves. Even the cheapest tablet can end up costing over 5x the price of a really good portable DVD player. For example – an iPad 9.7 inch can cost upwards of $329, whereas the JUNTUNKOR 12.5 inch costs $63.99 with free shipping through Amazon Prime. For a kid on a long road trip, it’s almost a no-brainer which device is better value. The final point to make about cost is for DVDs themselves. They’re cheaper now than ever before, with kids and adult classics going as low as 99c. That’s about the same as price as a game on a smartphone. But how many games will it take to keep a child occupied on a 7-hour drive? That I’m afraid I can’t answer.


Keeping with children for a moment; internet safety is currently a massive problem. Every single day Youtube is removing content intended for children, that is in no way suitable for them. Using characters they recognise and placing them in a dark, morbid tale seems to be a huge problem the platform is battling at the moment. If we keep with the road trip example, how can we expect parents to police what their children are looking at online? The privacy afforded by these devices are a wonderful way to give kids the freedom they want, but that freedom has to come with a reliable way to keep them safe. If we shift our focus back to DVDs for a moment, parents know exactly what is entertaining their children, safe in the knowledge that it’s appropriate for their age. Kids can then be left do to their own thing, giving them a far more controlled independence, keeping them safe from things they shouldn’t be seeing.


DVDs can also keep up with what kids want to watch. Obviously, taste grows with us as we age, and films and TV shows can keep up much easier than the likes of apps and games. These new-found gems also have a much better chance of staying relevant than the likes of Fortnite or Apex Legends. There’s always going to be something to find in the DVD aisle of any shop that can appeal to everyone. DVD’s are also in a special place where they can not only keep up with what children want to watch, but can also foster favourites. How often do we hear people talking about their favourite game over their favourite film? Sure, some people definitely have a favourite game, but almost everyone has a favourite film, and that’s commonly something from their childhood.


When you’ve found a favourite, or something from the same director or actor, it’s much more enjoyable to watch on a bigger screen. Despite the rise of large screened phones, it’s never as enjoyable squinting at a tiny device as it is a larger screen. There’s a reason the TV in your living toom is larger than the ones we used to watch as kids. Which brings us onto another point. It’s so much nicer to gather everyone in front of a TV to watch a film than it is a game or app. Everyone is involved in watching the TV and no one gets special treatment from being the one to play. The benefit of the JUNTUNKOR 12.5 inch is that it can also be plugged into a normal television, making it dual purpose for both travel, and at home. Let’s seen an iPhone compete with that.


When you unhook the player from your TV to take on that plane journey or car ride, the JUNTUNKOR 12.5 inch can also be a lot more convenient. How many people do we see walking around now with broken smartphone screens. Any foldable portable DVD player has the screen protected so there’s less to worry about when it comes to the inevitable drop. Another added bonus of the JUNTUNKOR is its ability to strap to the back of a car seat. This creates a more comfortable viewing angle, and also reduces neck strain from leaning over a smaller device. It’s low profile also means that it can fit on an airplane tray table much more conveniently than, say a laptop (which may not even have a DVD/CD drive in the first place).


Speaking of airplanes and car rides, the lack of Wifi or data connection can leave streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon next to useless. Wifi on flights are hit and miss at the best of times, and I can think of much better ways to use 60% of my monthly data than streaming one film. Streaming services are beginning to offer offline services, but the length and high quality of films, or a TV series can take up most of the space on our devices. The amount of people who have gone to take a photo only to miss the opportunity of a perfect shot because of the dreaded “Storage Full” notification must be in the millions by now. DVDs and of course a portable player would negate the hassle of all of these problems, and only add minimal bulk.


Another problem with streaming and digital downloads is one not many people have thought about, however it can be a big problem. When you use Netflix, obviously you don’t ‘own’ the film. You can watch it for as long as they pay for the licence, but once they’ve decided enough is enough, you’re stuck without access to the film unless you buy it elsewhere. Let’s say you then purchase the film through one of the many services that offer digital downloads. You’ve paid for it, and you can access it whenever you want, but there’s a major problem with this. You rely on the service remaining online. If the service gets bought by a larger company, or goes bankrupt and has to switch the servers off, then you’re once again stuck without access to the film, only you’ve bought it this time. There’s something to be said about actually owning a piece of media. It’s completely in your control. Unless you lend it to a friend and don’t get it back, you can command when and where you watch it.


All of the above issues give DVDs and portable players a surprisingly strong case in 2019. Their portability, ease of use, low reliance on other people or services, and the control they give parents make them a reliable choice in the face of technology becoming more and more present in our lives. The JUNTUNKOR 12.5 inch or any other portable DVD player, gives us an excuse to switch off from our phones and enjoy entertainment in a way we often don’t get to anymore, and realistically, that’s something we all need a bit more of in the current climate.

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