Why You Should Buy a Portable DVD Player in 2019

It’s 2019, and with laptops adding more and more entertainment features these days, increasingly adopting the “suitable for work and play” idea, it’s not a strange thing to hear people ask if there’s any reason for DVDs. After all, even low end notebooks now have DVD drives. So why bother with the extra baggage? Why not just use a laptop?

Well, there are several reasons why you still need a good ol’ portable DVD player. While the notebooks may seem to have overwhelming advantages, you can’t exactly whip out PC at social gatherings, or use it on long car trips with the kids, airplane rides, etc.

Is the PC replacing DVD players? You can try, but you’ll never be able to. And we’ve got a few points to let you know why.


We agree, laptop batteries have become better over the years. But when you consider how much power that your PC burns and the resulting effect on the overall battery life-span of your computer, you start to wonder if t’s worth the trouble. Then again, since most PCs have better displays, it means you’re burning a lot more power.

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Sure, notebooks have bigger screens, but is bigger always better? You might love how much those colors truly pop on your 15.6-inch PC, but that’s even more load when you have to carry it around. Newer models of super-slim notebooks are much lighter, but they also don’t have n-built DVD-ROM drives. Save yourself the burden Read More


In our previous two points, we considered scenarios for when you already have a PC. But supposing you don’t. What if you just want something to watch films with, but feel like you could just get a 2-in-one device. That’s fine if you have the money to splurge. But plot twist: lower end laptops usually don’t come with DVD-ROM ports. Read More


Portable DVD players might be a little dated, but they’re made for one purpose: watching DVD videos. If you’ve got a decent portable DVD player, you’ve got all you need for that. Many low end and mid-range notebooks don’t have enough connectivity options. Many of the just have one earpiece jack and an external VGA Read More

Things to Consider When Buying a Portable DVD Player

So, now that we’ve succeeded in convincing you to buy a portable DVD player, let’s let you know about the things you should keep an eye out for when getting one – or even two.


We first talked about power. Which is reasonable since the major reason for being portable is so that the said DVD players can be played on the move. This is why you need to know how long your battery will be able to power your device. You don’t want to be interrupted just when the action is about to peak. If you like to travel a lot Read More


Take a moment to think about how you intend to use your portable DVD player. If you’d like a device you can carry along with when traveling or the kind that you can install in your car, then you should go for feature that the DVD player supports.
The Dr. J professional portable DVD player comes with a customized 10.1-inch Read More

Connectivity and Support

A lot of portable DVD players nowadays only play MP4. Do you really want to be stuck with such limited options when you can get something that plays VCDs as well as MP3s? Newer models also come with features such as USB ports in case you want to connect your MP3 player to your iPod. The Dr. J has a wide range of Read More


When getting a portable DVD player, you want something that is not too small and not too big. Too small means you won’t be able to enjoy your videos as you will struggle to see the display clearly. Too big means too heavy most times. You have to strike a balance. At 10.1inches, the DR. J strikes the perfect balance between ease of Read More

Memory Function

Many portable DVDs don’t have the memory function, and so you have to keep fast-forwarding to get to the point you stopped the previous time. But with the Dr. J, you can pick up from you left off without taking the trouble to keep skipping or fast-forwarding.

Adjustable Settings

Color saturation on the Dr. J is flawless. You get even better viewing experience than you would on other devices. The Dr. J is customized with a 1024×600 bright TFT screen that renders images vividly and displays pictures naturally with enhanced color saturation. You also get to have control over the contrast values and brightness, Read More
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