Sony BDP-S5100 3D Blu-ray Disc Player

Sony’s long anticipated BDP-S5100 Blu-Ray Player became an instant hit after its release. It is one of the best players available in the market which completely justifies its price tag. Highly rich in features with a great design, the BDP-S5100 is the best selling Blu-Ray player in Amazon at the moment and it rightly deserve the place due to its enhanced features which make it completely irresistible. However, as with every high-tech device Sony BSD-S5100 also has certain drawbacks and missing features but considering the overall performance, we would highly recommended it.


Before we review any further part of the device, its unique geometrical shape is worth mentioning. Its unique design gives it a good and professional look. It is very compact in size in comparison to the features it possess and hence is easily movable and light enough to carry around. Sony BDP-S5100 comes with press buttons for its functionalities unlike the previous model where touch technology was used which although looked modern but made it highly prone to accidental touches.

Talking of Physical design, it is however worth mentioning that the Disc Drive and Eject buttons does not look as reliable as the rest of the product, given that these two elements are the frequently used parts of the device. The device also lacks backward support for old technology as it does not have any analogue outputs. So anyone without an HDMI supporting TV will not be able to use the device, hence it’s consider as a design flaw.

Super WiFi

Sony introduced the Super Wifi to be able to provide better connectivity. The Super Wifi has properties like the common wi-fi however, the only difference is that it works at frequencies lower than 2.4 GHz, and due to its lower frequency it is able to penetrate walls even better, thus providing smooth connectivity. Although Read More

3D playback

Although 3D playback is very common for the modern Blu-Ray players, however BDP-S5100 has greatly improved 3D rendering quality. The device is able to render 3D videos with equally high quality and color contrast as it would render a High Definition 2D.

XMB media bar

Talking of Graphical User Interface the Sony BDP-S5100 is using the same old Xross Media Bar (XMB), which Sony has been using in devices since PlayStation 3. However, the only new change this time is the introduction of vertically scrolling menus.

Streaming Services

Sony BDP-S5100 supports almost all of the major video streaming service providers including Hulu Plus, Netflix, Instant, Amazon and Vudu. Along with the video streaming services, the device is as supports some of the audio streaming services including Slacker, Pandora, TuneIn and SEN. The video quality of the device remains Read More


Sony BDP-S5100 provides a very efficient upsclaing for the DVD videos and can greatly improve the quality of the DVD video and turn it into 1080 High Definition Video. However, the device lacks support of 4K upscaling which is somehow an Achilles’ heel of this device.

Remotely controllable

Like other Sony Blu-Ray Disc Players, the BDP-S5100 can be controlled remotely through the SonyTV Sideview app for Smartphones. Through this app one can remotely control their Blu-Ray Disc Player, hence is a very handy feature to have in a Blu-Ray player.

Dual Core Processor

Although people does not really focus on the processor speed in a Blu-Ray Players, however, for those interested to keep a note of the technical features it is worth mentioning that BDP-S5100 comes with a Dual Core Processor.


Sony’s BDP-S5100 is listed at a reasonable price of $139.99. The device however, justifies the price as it incorporates almost all the features that one seeks in a professional Blu-Ray player.

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