Sony BDP-S3100 Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi

Sony has been a major player in the Sony Blu Ray Disc player manufacturers. It has a history of making several successful models, which were not only affordable but very feature rich as well. Even today Sony retains several top spots in the Amazon’s Best Selling Blu Ray players. Here we are going to talk about one of those Amazon’s Top Selling Blu Ray Players, the Sony BDP-S3100 Blu-Ray Disc player.


Sony BDP-S3100 has a very nice and clean built for its price tag. Affordable Blu Ray Players usually come with very weak and fragile built; however this model from Sony is completely otherwise. The design of the player is named as “Sense of Quartz design” and the idea is taken from the shape of the crystals with such cuts. The device is only 290mm wide, Read More


Sony BDP-S3100 is a finely designed Blu Ray Player, intended as an inexpensive but feature loaded device. BDP-S3100 is Wi-Fi enabled and hence allows connectivity with Home Systems. Sony has added it’s Sony Entertainment Network which adds several apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Youtube and others, to this device. However, due to the modern Read More


Sony BDP-S3100 provides a High Definition HD 1080p video playback support, and the picture quality is very good. The device has backward disc compatibility and support DVD disks as well, it also allows upscaling of common DVD video to the High definition HD video. However, the device does not support 3D playback, which can somehow be considered as a downside, Read More

Sideview App Support

Sony BDP-S3100 supports Sony’s Sideview app which allow the users to control and manage the Blu Ray players from his cell phone, thus provides an ease of use.

Real Time stats

The device has the ability to show real time stats while the video is playing. This feature is missing in a lot of the Blu Ray Players.

Issues with Streaming

Sony BDP-S3100 supports many video formats to stream, however when a High Definition WMV file was streamed, the image quality was downgraded, and same was the fate of an AVI file. Since, the device does not support Divx format altogether, and has no option to stream Mkv format, we are left with no good option for streaming.

Quick Loading Speed

Sony BDP-S3100 has a good loading speed and you don’t have to wait forever before loading the video, the quick loading time is a big plus for a device in this price range.

Responsive web browser

Sony BDP-S3100 also has an unexpected feature of a responsive web-browser, which is though not very user-friendly but even its presence is enough at this price. The browser allows you to run certain apps within it as well and hence can come handy at times.

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