Sony BDP-S1100 Blu Ray Player

Blu Ray Players can be divided into various categories based on their features. Some of them can be called as the modern high-tech Blu Ray players while the others are basic entry level Blu Ray players that lacks modern features but possess all the basic features of a Blu Ray Player. Here we are going to analyze one such basic model from Sony, the BDP-S1100. The model is rich in basic features; however it lacks some advanced features. But we found that it’s running smoothness and ease of use compensate for many features which it somehow lacks.

Sony BDP-S1100 is best player for those who just want to have a Blu Ray Player and don’t want any kinds of modern features like 3D and wifi. It is a well balanced device and available at a very reasonable price.

Full HD 1080P Blu-ray Disk Playback & Upscaling

Sony BDP-S1100 supports the 1080 HD Blu Ray Discs, which is one of the highest qualities of videos available in the market. The Player also possesses the advanced feature of upscaling a video hence giving you an opportunity to watch all of your old DVD collection in High Definition 1080P quality. This is an amazing feature for a basic entry level Blu Ray player.

S.E.N, Netflix, Youtube & More Support

Sony BDP-S1100 is equipped with the Sony Entertainment Network which is a complete Internet content package. The Blu Ray Player also has access to all the major streaming services including Netflix, Youtube and other major networks which provides online streaming.

USB slot to Play Multimedia

The BDP-S1100 from Sony comes with a USB port which allows you to connect your USB storage device to it. The Blu Ray Player can play all kinds of multimedia content from your storage device including pictures, music tracks and even movies. So you can use the BDP-S1100 to play the movies from your DVD and upscale them to High Definition to watch them.

Sound Codecs

BDP-S1100 from Sony is equipped with high quality sound codecs to ensure that you get the real time high quality video. If your Blu Ray Player is giving a very high quality video but the audio quality isn’t on par with it, the movie wouldn’t be that enjoyable. To make your movie experience perfect, Sony has installed Dolby True HD and dts-HD Codecs in BDP-S1100 which are well known for its high sound quality.

USB Keyboard support

Since the model comes with a USB port, it also has a support for the USB keyboard and you can easily connect a USB keyboard to the device and use it.


Samsung BDP-S1100 has a fine quality “Sense of Quartz” design that comes in a shiny black color. The design is common in some of the Sony’s latest Blu Ray Players and is liked by people a lot.

Ease of Use

One of the important factors of Sony BDP-S1100 that make it stand out is its ease of use. With a remote control it is easy to handle from a distance. The internal system is made very simple to ensure that it’s easy enough to handle.

No wifi

One of the major drawbacks of BDP-S1100 is the lack of wifi support. The device has no support related to wifi in any sense. The only way you can use all those internet streaming apps and SEN system is to use the Ethernet. Nowadays, since most of the people use wifi, you would need to get an Ethernet hub to connect your device to internet. It is the major reason why we categorized it as an entry level Blu Ray player.

No 3D support

Most of the Blu Ray Players nowadays support 3D playback. The 3D support allows you to watch the 3D movies using the 3D glasses. However, in Sony BDP-1100 there is no such feature. In almost all of the latest models, 3D is a de-facto standard for getting into the high ranks of Blu Ray players, but Sony probably kept this model simple to keep its price affordable for people who only want the basic Blu-Ray Player.

No Divx Playback

Like Wi-Fi and 3D, the device lacks Divx supports as well; hence you cannot play any Divx video on this Sony BDP-S1100.

Although the device has a lot of features, the lack of Wi-Fi and 3D support keep it behind the rest of the top models. However, it is one of the best models you can find in the basic entry level category of Blu-Ray players. If you were looking for a basic blue ray player which is affordable with all streaming apps you should get Sony BDP-S1100.

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