Samsung BD-F5900 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player

There is a tough competition in the Blu Ray Players due to constant emergence of new technologies and companies. While all of them provide you with the facility of playing a Blu Ray disc, the real test of the product is when it is benchmark tested for other extra features. The difference between top quality Blu Ray players and a mediocre quality player is the smooth activity, east of use and diversity.

Today we are going to review Samsung’s BD-F5900 Blu-ray disc player to see where it stands in the stiff competition. Imagine a movie night with family having lifelike effects of 3D or watching a sports match in a high definition right in your couch, wouldn’t it be a dream come true? Samsung BD-F5900 player claims to bring you the amazing theatre experience at your home. We will put these claims to test and see if it’s worth your money.

Smart Hub

The Smart Hub offers a really helpful way to gather all your entertainment needs in one single place. It basically provides a single place for all of the favourite and smart content of yours. With the help of this, you can access the videos, apps, photos, browsers and a lot more. In other words, a Smart Hub is the simplest way to explore the entire world of entertainment.

3D Blu-Ray

3D Blu-Ray
Whether you are watching a movie in 2D or it is in the incredible 3D, the images are extremely clear and real due to Samsung’s Smart full HD. Combine the player with a 3D TV and use 3D shutter glasses to enjoy the latest and breathtaking 3D movies. The 3D glasses and a 3D TV are required to use this feature of the players.

Full Web Surfing

The front-panel USB port given in the BD-F5900 makes it even versatile. You can use this slot to view images, listen to music and other entertainment stuff using a USB device. You can also connect a wireless keyboard to this slot. This Keyboard can be used to take the advantage of the player’s web browser.Read More


This feature of the Samsung BD-F5900 suggests the TV shows and movies that are based according to your taste and preferences. So this feature can help you in finding your favourite content without searching for it. Smart feature, isn’t it?

Samsung Apps

With the help of Smart Blu-ray player, you can discover hundreds of applications right on your TV screens. These Apps can be used to watch movies, stream music and much more.

Built-In Wi-Fi

The player contains built-in Wi-Fi through which you can connect your network and do a lot of activities on the internet. You can even use social networking sites on the big screens of your television with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity.

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CD Ripping

The device has certain drawbacks related to CD Ripping when a disc is a inserted. It takes a while to load the disc and playing it, which is somehow considered as a downside given the recent models which are trying to reach almost an immediate playback after CD insertion.

Sound Cadence Issue

Samsung BD-F5900 has a slight issue with sound cadence while playing. This isn’t a major issue to stop you from buying it, but worth mentioning nonetheless.

Quick Mode Power Consumption

Samsung BD-F5900 has efficient consumption of electricity, however when quick start up mode is activated it start consuming more energy, which is pretty common. However, the drawback is that, even if there is no disc inserted and nothing is being played the quick start mode will still consume energy as if a disc is inserted.

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