Samsung BD-F5700 Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Player

Samsung has a variety of Blu Ray Players in the market; Samsung BD-F5700 is one of the high quality products from Samsung. It is currently ranking at third spot in the Amazon Best Selling Blu Ray Players. Recently, we reviewed Samsung’s BD-F5100 Blu Ray Player which turned out to be an inexpensive and affordable Blu Ray player with a lot of features; however, it had problems with smooth performance. Today, we will review the Samsung BD-F5700 and analyze its design, features and performance in detail. Since BD-F5700 has a higher price tag than the earlier BD-F5100, we are expecting more features with better performance.


First impression of Samsung BD-F5700 is pretty good, it compact and has stylish design which give it a good look. Samsung has always been one step ahead when it comes to design of its devices.

Bright Display

The device comes with a bright display and has clarity which usually Blu Ray players lack. Samsung’s earlier F5100 lacked this clarity.


In comparison to the earlier model BD-F5100 which had a Flimsy look, the BD-F5700 is pretty slick, compact and looks like a durable device. The built structure is strong and hence it would most probably prove to be more durable than the rest of the devices available in the market.

Light weight

The device is very light weight and thus allows high mobility and can easily be placed anywhere. Unlike first generation Blu Ray players which were bulky and heavy, the Samsung BD-F5700 is given an attractive look and made light weight.

Ethernet Port

Samsung BD-F5700 is a high end device that comes with a Wireless support; however, an Ethernet port is added as an extra feature to the device, to provide better connectivity and backup connectivity option.


Due to its support for High Definition video, an HDMI port is available in the device. However, there is no HDMI cable included with the device, which is somehow a disappointment.

Audio Features

Special attention has been paid to the audio in this model. There are several high tech audio decoders including Dolby DigitaPlus, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS surround decoders included in this model which provides an extreme clarity in the audio. The player comes with a Coaxial Digital Audio output as well. In short, Samsung BD-F5700 is fully equipped with the best audio technology available in the market.

USB port

Samsung BD-F5700 also supports USB devices and has a USB Port at the front side of the device.


Built-In Wi-Fi

One of the major features of the Samsung D-F5700 is the Built-In Wi-Fi which provides the DLNA Support to the device. DLNA support allows the Blu Ray Player to connect and play the Home System’s videos through the Blu Ray Player.

Samsung Smart Enable

Being one of the most advanced Blu Ray Player from Samsung; it is equipped with the Samsung’s Smart Enable. Samsung’s Smart Enable includes the streaming apps like Netflix, Cinema Now, Pandora, Accuweather, Youtube, Vudu and others. However, one of the weakness of this device is the lack of Amazon App hence it may annoy some users, as Amazon has a fair fan-base which is left unattended in this device.

Quick Start Mode

Samsung has introduced a new Quick Start Mode in the Samsung F5700, which allows the device to turn in the blink of an eye, technically within 0.5 seconds. The normal loading time for most of the Blu Ray players stands around 10 seconds.

DVD Upscaling

BD-F5700 allows you to upscale your common DVD video to a High Definition 1080 video. The DVD compatibility is a great feature especially for the movie lovers, as it allows them to watch DVD Titles in the High Definition 1080 quality.

Formats support

Samsung BD-F5700 supports a lot of formats that other Blu Ray players don’t, these formats include AVCHD, MKV, WMV, LPCM, JPEG, AAC, MP3 and MPEG2/4.


The device has a price tag of $85.99, which makes it an average priced Blu-Ray Player. The price tag is though higher than the previous BD-F5100 model but since this model has enhanced features and high specifications, the price is completely reasonable.

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