eXuby 9” Portable DVD Player

This bright red DVD player comes with a ton of accessories and, as they say, is great for kids! Our kids absolutely love their portable DVD player and have used everything it comes with. It is lightweight and portable so we have used it in the car and on the plane. We also use it for the kids at home. It is great to free up the TV when the parents want to watch something.

It says it comes with $35 worth of accessories (which is more than half the sticker price) and that does seem about right. It comes with a remote control, a charger, a car charger, headphones, a cable to hook it up to the TV, a car headrest mount and a black travel case with strap. Everything it comes with is not super high end but it definitely saves you some money when you don’t have to purchase all this stuff individually. Also, being that this is for kids, there’s a pretty high chance it will get ruined at some point anyway so you don’t need top of the line stuff.

The battery life says 6 hours but it is not great. We go on 5-hour car trips up to see family and while they work most of the way they always do need to be charged at some point. I wouldn’t say the battery life is bad but it’s not as great as they say.

I have mostly good things to report but there are also a few negatives as well. Here is my pros and cons list:


  • Comes with a lot of extra stuff which makes it feel like a good value.
  • Swivel screen and headrest case make it easy to watch and mount and work well in the car.
  • Pretty good picture quality, even for a fairly small screen.
  • The sound is good. Loud enough for the kids to hear but not so loud that we have to tell them to keep it down the whole trip.
  • Kids love the red color. It really feels like one of their toys.
  • Controls are shiny, easy to see and easy to understand and use for kids.
  • The car charger is 9 feet long! So smart to make a long car charger like that so you can easily plug it in up front from the back seat.
  • 30-day money back guarantee so you have a test trip with it to make sure it works. Both as a product and for what you need out of it.


  • Only comes with one pair of headphones and one headphone jack. That would be my biggest complaint, I would love for the kids to be able to both have headphones on as they watch.
  • The headphones are VERY cheap. Much cheaper seeming than the rest of the accessories.
  • When you hit big bumps in the car it will skip occasionally. Once or twice we had it turn off or the DVD door pop open when we hit a huge pothole.

Summary of the eXuby 9” Portable DVD Player Review

This portable DVD player comes out of the box with everything you need and ready to go for your kids. There are more expensive and high-quality DVD players but to give over to your kids and let them have at it for 3-4 hours this is perfect. I know I will probably have to replace it in a few years but with a little care, it has already lasted for a while. With all the things you get with it for the price, I would absolutely recommend buying this for any kid ahead of a long road trip or plane flight!

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