Best Cheap Portable DVD Player When Traveling

The Ematic Portable DVD Player Is A 9 Inch High Resolution LCD Display. Watch ON-THE-GO Movies, Music & Photos with 180 Degree Swiveling Display And Premium Headphones Included Along With A Free Travel Case.

This is an amazing portable DVD player to travel with. Let’s start with the fact that it comes with its own headphones which is a massive bonus, especially for the price. Most portable DVD players are more expensive and then you have to take into account the price of buying headphones to listen to it on the plane or on public transportation. This is the full package!

The headphones themselves are great. They come in the same color as the DVD player so it looks like a really nice set. There are a bunch of bright, fun colors to choose from too. They are nicely padded so they are very comfortable. I have been able to wear them for hours without that nagging discomfort or the red marks that you are sometimes left with. The sound quality from the headphones is top notch too and, when watching in private the stereo speakers deliver a nice and very loud sound. I have used it as a CD player in my hotel room and it really fills up the room.

It has a great swivel screen and folds flat to go in the case which makes it ideal for tight spaces on airplanes. It also has good picture quality for a portable device. The battery lasts for a good long time too. Overall, while there are some things to improve on nothing that has really ruined my user experience. I have really enjoyed the Ematic Portable DVD Player and would recommend it.


  • Come with headphones included! As I said above, this is a huge bonus that most DVD players don’t include.
  • Very good stereo sound through the speakers when not using the headphones.
  • Convenient personal travel case for easy storage and protection.
  • Price is very good for this size screen. You usually see a higher price for 9.5-inch screen or at this price a 7.5-inch screen.
  • Good battery life. It can run for a full movie for sure and maybe even two. It’s good for 3 or 4 hours for sure.
  • Easy to use, start, control and adjust. It is pretty much “plug and play”.
  • Perfect for individual travel. It is light, compact and highly functional. Looks like a high quality set too with the matching headphones.


  • Only comes with a wall plug. It would have been nice if it came with a car adaptor too. I don’t really watch in the car but if you did and had a very long trip it wouldn’t last the whole way.
  • No SD or USB port. While there is an AV out port there is no USB connection so it’s not as easy to hook up to a TV and you can’t play movies or photos from a USB stick.
  • No AV out chord included to hook it up to a TV.
  • No AV out chord included to hook it up to a TV.
  • Doesn’t come with a remote control. Would be nice, especially for hooking it up to a TV across the room.
  • The case is good but could be more functional. If it had more room for chords or more DVDs it would be better.
  • Only one headphone jack so sharing with someone else will not work.

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