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DVD players as a whole may appear to be outdated, and the concept of a portable one even more so, what with smartphones, tablets and laptops dominating the tech world at the moment. As a whole, the technology industry seems to have moved past DVDs, favouring digital downloads and streaming, however here in the real world, a very strong case can be made for DVDs and portable players. The biggest films are still released on DVD to much fanfare, and the speed film going from cinema to DVD is shorter than it ever has been. Despite tech companies like Apple moving away from physical media, removing DVD/CD drives on their computers, and the rise of streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon, television and film companies still believe in DVDs.

DVDs as a whole actually provide many benefits over streaming/downloading platforms, and smartphone apps and games, we just need to push past the thought of new, shiny devices that take over the news every time they launch. This brings us onto DVD players, or more specifically, portable DVD players. They can actually be much less hassle, cheaper and more convenient that a lot of these new devices that attract our attention. Take the HD JUNTUNKOR 12.5 inch for instance. It’s durable, cheap and incredibly convenient to carry, whilst not losing any of the quality we expect from technology these days. It also brings an incredible amount of benefits; some that many wouldn’t even have thought about.

How often have we seen the news of children racking up massive bills on their parent’s credit cards from purchasing add-ons for iOS and Android games? These games coerce kids into purchasing ‘e-currency’ to get better stuff, meaning a free to play game can actually end up costing far more than anyone could imagine. Tech companies and app developers can warn parents, and ask for permission as much as they want, but it’s not always guaranteed that the protections they’ve put in place will actually save parents money. Then there’s the cost of the devices themselves. Even the cheapest tablet can end up costing over 5x the price of a really good portable DVD player. For example – an iPad 9.7 inch can cost upwards of $329, whereas the JUNTUNKOR 12.5 inch costs $63.99 with free shipping through Amazon Prime. For a kid on a long road trip, it’s almost a no-brainer which device is better value. The final point to make about cost is for DVDs themselves. They’re cheaper now than ever before, with kids and adult classics going as low as 99c. That’s about the same as price as a game on a smartphone. But how many games will it take to keep a child occupied on a 7-hour drive? That I’m afraid I can’t answer.

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